SethAppeal - Randy and Mr.LaheyYep, that’s me with my Wife, Randy, and Mr. Lahey.

My name is Seth Overlock, and I’m a huge nerd. I live in Maine with my wonderful wife Kyrie, and our happy pups Harry and Blu. My wife and I enjoy random adventures around our beautiful state, and spending down time with our dogs at home.

I’ve always had a passion for video games, cinema, and all things tech related. I play a wide variety of games, with a tendency to gravitate towards rpgs or metroidvania style games. Pokemon, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, I’m there! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll jump into anything as long as it plays well. Gameplay videos, reviews, nerdy purchases, upcoming entertainment, it’ll all be here!

I’d like to share my passion with the world, and provide a laid back platform to talk about games and things. Hope you enjoy!