Whole New World

With a few options and a million opinions floating around about VR, deciding if I wanted to jump into the growing craze was tough. I didn’t know if I was really interested enough to dump the cash or not. Sony announced that they would be bringing back their Holiday VR special for a limited time, and I decided to take the leap. I went with the Skyrim PSVR bundle because it came with the most for the money, and after a weekend of laughs and mild nausea, I’m content with my purchase. Sony has managed to get a fun, stable VR system running for their home console with a decent library of games.

The Setup

The Skyrim PSVR bundle comes with a VR Headset, processor unit, camera, move controllers, and Skyrim. The setup process took longer than expected, and required some re-arranging before I could try it out. I had never tried any form of VR prior to this, and was honestly amazed once I found myself looking at the ps4 main menu through the headset.

There is certainly an adjustment period to these things, at least for me, as I did get nauseous from a couple of the games I tried. The headset itself if comfortable, and the controllers/camera are very responsive granted you have a good field of view in your setup area. I had to attach the camera higher up on the wall behind the tv for it to detect the move wands well enough for games like Surgeon Simulator. Overall, I didn’t have any frustrations with setup or playing around that made me feel like anything was missing.

It Actually Works

In all honesty, I thought VR was for the most part going to be a glorified WiiMote experience. To my amazement, the controls have a unique feeling for each game. Scanning items while shooting mutant fruit in Shooty Fruity is one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in gaming, and drawing an arrow in Skyrim is absolutely fantastic.

PSVR does exactly what it is supposed to do. The ability to transform a person’s world literally right before their eyes and have them interact with objects is a truly wonderful experience.