A Solid Comeback

In recent years Nintendo has seemingly had a hard time getting out of their own way. Between a small struggle selling a handheld for it’s 3D purposes and the rough waters surrounding the Wii U, the gaming giant seemed to be running out of ideas. But Nintendo handled these issues with a humble smile and finesse that proves they care about their fans.

When you’re having less than stellar hardware sales and your games aren’t being sold because they can only be played on the hardware that isn’t selling, what do you do? Push the 3D technology on your handheld that no one cares about anymore? Force out more games on a console that may as well be on life support? No way. Not Nintendo.

The Ol’ Switch-er-oo

Instead of trying to squeeze more money out of something that people were openly unhappy with (like some companies that will not be named), Nintendo picked up the pieces and crafted a perfect vessel to put them back on top. The 2DS started the momentum of Nintendo’s comeback. A slightly cheaper model that could play all of the 3DS games coming out. They sold like hot cakes, and when the New 3DS came out, Nintendo kept it going with a New 2DS model as well.

The day Nintendo announced the Switch, I remember feeling like a kid again. I had this giddy feeling, and I wasn’t quite sure why. It was a neat little handheld-home console hybrid that got the world buzzing. I’ve always been a massive Nintendo fan, along with all the staple titles that come along with the console. So naturally when they announced that Breath of the Wild was going to be a launch title, I knew the planets had aligned. Day 1 pre-order.

Back to the purpose of this article, Nintendo’s comeback. From launch until now, the Switch has grown a fantastic library of games ranging from indie hits, AAA Nintendo standards, and arcade classics. It seems that the library of games is growing every single day, and it’s not bloated with garbage games mind you. Along with a buffet of 3rd party support and some solid drive to keep their fan base happy, Nintendo has made the comeback everyone has hoped for.

The Takeaway

Owning a Switch and 3DS makes me happy, plain and simple. The content that Nintendo is churning out and teasing us with reminds me why I have always loved them. The way I feel when I hear about new releases on Nintendo now is the same joy I felt when I was a kid reading a gaming magazine or going to the video store for a weekend rental.

Nintendo has shown how dedicated they are to their fan base, and what they are truly capable of in the gaming world. When you have a beloved company like Nintendo decide to “Switch” back to what they’re good at, great things are bound to happen.